We live in a very stressful place called New Jersey. Our jobs are big contributors to the angst. So what is stressing us out most at work?

New Jersey was ranked the third most stressed state in the United States last year,and that probably doesn't surprise any of us. It starts when we are trying to get the whole family ready for the day, it escalates during our trip to work in the midst of another Garden State traffic jam and peaks when we get to work.

So what gives us the most stress at work? Here are some of the top reasons according to businessinsider.com...

Unrealistic goals...Experts say that if there isn't enough communication in an office, that may lead to someone giving you a task on top of one you're already working on that they don't even know about. They think you can do the task because they're not aware of what else is on your plate.

Leadership issues...Many workers feel that the leadership they're getting is unclear at best, but experts say to understand that your boss is human too. If you're not clear on something, take it upon yourself to schedule a meeting and get some clarity.

Priorities...Too much work, too many tasks and deadlines and it never seems to end. So how do you deal with everything coming at you at once? Experts say take some time to prioritize. it will help you feel a little more organized and a little less stressed.

It's pretty simple. It's New Jersey. We'll never avoid the stress. But if we can handle it a little better, maybe next year we can drop to 4th most stressed state. I hope that's not another unrealistic goal.




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