New Jersey has been named the most stressed state in the nation in recent studies. What specific factors at the Shore contribute to this.

We know all about taxes and congestion and cost of living and the Garden State Parkway and the tourists, but let's focus on specific Jersey Shore thing that make our blood boil...

Here are 10 random things I think add to the stress of the state that are right here at the Jersey Shore...

(1) Brick Blvd.

(2) Anyone in a car in a supermarket parking lot

(3) Asbury Circle

(4) Tourists and their cars 

(5) Route 9, Lakewood, Freehold, Manalapan etc.

(6) Brick Blvd.

(7)The guy in front of you who's letting everyone from the shopping center get in front of him.

(8) Route 36 heading into Long Branch

(9) Brick Blvd.

(10)  Flip flops and socks

Bonus recipe: Stress headache recipe; Add any three of the above in any given day, stir and serve.

Don't ever let anyone say the Jersey Shore doesn't do our part to contribute to the most stressful state in the nation. Hey fellow Garden State're welcome!

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