Is it possible that New Jersey is not among the most stressed states in the United States for 2020?

The study done by WalletHub used 41 key indicators to reach it's conclusions, and although coronavirus is causing untold amounts of stress throughout the nation and the world, this study including health and non-health related factors.

When looking at areas such as work stress, family stress, money stress and health stress, the publication determined that New Jersey ranks as the 37th most stressed state in the nation.

I'm sure our stress levels all over the nation and especially in the tri-state area is through the roof during this pandemic, but here are the rankings the study concluded in different categories for New Jersey...

Work related stress 15th

Money related stress 38th

Family related stress 40th

Health & Safety related stress 33rd

Of course, 2020 finds us navigating through completely unchartered territory with coronavirus, and who knows where our stress levels are during unprecedented time. That is still to be determined.

For the record, the study says Louisiana is the most stressed state in America, and Minnesota is the least stressed American state.

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