This time of year a lot of people around the Jersey Shore are talking about how the temperatures are warm one day and cold the next. It's the up and down weather that is November at the Jersey Shore.

Liz and I were talking about it a couple of times this week. 60 degrees one day and then overnight lows below freezing just a day later. But the fact of the matter is, this is pretty common and not even close to being extreme.

You want New Jersey extremes? We've got them for you. Here's a list of some real New Jersey weather extremes...

Coldest day ever...River Vale (Bergen County) January 5,1904, -34 degrees.

Highest 24 hour rainfall...Tuckerton (Ocean County) August 19-20, 1939, 14.81 inches

Hottest day ever... Runyon (Middlesex County) on July 10, 1936, 110 degrees

Highest 24 hour snowfall...Rutherford (Bergen County)  Dec. 14, 1915, 32 inches

There are no such extremes, or frankly any extremes at all in our upcoming forecast, according to our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow, who says daytime temperatures will range from the upper 40's to the mid 50's through the rest of the week and weekend.

You can check out extreme weather info for each state at the Stacker.

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