In a state with some of the best cooks and food in the world, it would be great to find out what New Jersey's best family recipe is. One website tried to name one for each state. I'm not even sure New Jersey's is even an actual recipe.

Other states had really unique ones like Elk Sausage, Avocado Toast, Deep Dish Pizza and Lobster Rolls. New Jersey's choice, according to Family Minded, was pork roll. Just pork roll.

At first glance, you might react like I did. Pork Roll is a breakfast meat, not a family recipe right. But then I saw they included recipes from Saveur which included amazingly tasty and creative ideas like Pork Roll Meatball Sub. Nothing says New Jersey more than a recipe like that.

So, I started to warm up to the idea that pork roll does make an awesome ingredient for  a home recipe, so I researched further. I couldn't believe how much I found. So, I had to share some of my favorite pork roll discoveries with you.

The website Jersey Pork Roll (yes, that;s a real website) offers many options, but my two favorites are Italian Pork Roll and Cheese Sandwich and Pasta and Pork Roll.

At Cookpad, they offer 159 pork roll recipes. Who knew? A couple that caught my eye were the recipes for Cheat Day Crispy Pork Spring Rolls and Baked Vegetable Pork Roll.

How silly of me to think that pork roll was just a breakfast meat you slapped on a morning sandwich.I'm from Jersey. I should know better than that. So, what started out as a pork roll eye roll turned out to be a fun journey into one of New Jersey's favorite foods.

Dig into to those site and find even more great ideas. If you try any of these recipes, let me know how they turn out. good luck!

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