Have you been inside this rebuilt McDonald's on Rt. 34?

I grew up going to the Aberdeen McDonald's on Rt. 34 in Aberdeen/Matawan and even worked there as one of my first jobs in high school.

I spent many years taking my boys that same McDonald's when they were young because of the play area they had there for little kids.

Even when my boys got older, they'd want to take their grandma there for coffee just for the warm and fuzzy memories.

I remember vaguely that the building that was the home of this McDonald's had once been a sit-down restaurant, so the layout may have been a bit unusual compared to some of the other McD's.

But recently they tore the whole thing down. I don't know why, because it was functional and popular, but they decided to build a brand new McDonald's, and, boy, is it hipster!

My son and I were shocked when we walked in the door. It is a really cool place! I don't know if these photos will do it justice, or if you would be as impressed by it if you didn't have the old location to compare it to, but I have never seen a McDonald's that vibes like this.

You can order from a kiosk and pay there as well, in case you aren't in the mood to actually speak with anyone (lol) and then just go sit at your table and they will deliver your food right to you.

You can watch TV, you can sit at a bar or at a table, the decor is really modern and tasteful, and even if you go up to the counter to order, it's so...pretty!!!

The whole place has a coffee-house feel to it and would certainly draw me back to it, unlike any McD's has done before.

And I love the entrance wall...it's got names of all the local streets around the neighborhood!

So although I miss the memories from the place I spent my whole life going to, this new one couldn't have been done better!




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