Here's what's true, and what's not yet 'official.'

Wall Township Mayor Nick DiRocco is so great at keeping us informed about what's happening up and down Rt. 35 and throughout the town.

So what's true and what's still in the gossip/rumor stage?

It is now confirmed that a Five Guys burger joint is coming to Wall Township! It will be on the north-bound side of Rt. 35 just south of the Bentley jewelry store (where the empty surgical center building is.)

But, believe it or not, there is still no news on the vacant factory outlets on the Manasquan circle. Although the mayor has met with the new owner, there are no immediate plans to redevelop that sight. Apparently, the new landowner is in no rush.

There's also going to be a new restaurant coming to the shopping complex being built across from Rook on Rt. 35 south...the same complex that will contain the drive-through Starbucks and Aldi grocery store. No specific tenant has been identified yet for that restaurant site.

And then there's the ongoing rumor involving the old Shop Rite and the closed Foodtown on opposite sides of the Rt. 35/18th Avenue intersection. The mayor says the rumor is that the old Shop Rite will relocate to the now-closed Foodtown and it will become a modernized Shop Rite. But he says the town has not received any applications as of yet, although many think the owner of the property will come forward soon with a redevelopment plan.

And, in case you haven't been following along, be ready to shop at Ulta Beauty and TJ Maxx, which are coming to the Whole Foods shopping center, and feast at the new Panera Bread going up next to Acme which will hopefully be open soon!

Stay tuned as we keep updating this ongoing story. And much thanks to you, Mayor Dirocco, for always keeping our listeners in the know!

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