This massive Saker Shop Rite is now hiring and is a welcome addition to the Belmar/Wall Township neighborhood. But many residents want more!

Although Rt. 35 in Wall Township is jam-packed since the arrival of Starbucks, Aldi, Whole Foods, TJ Maxx, etc..... there are mixed feelings about the traffic situation.

Yet there are many asking for a Chick-fil-A in that area, as well as a Wegman's grocery store on the Manasquan Circle where the outlet stores used to be. That is probably against the odds since there have been plans drawn up for something else entirely and because there are already 4 grocery stores within a mile of each other on Rt. 35 in Wall between the Manasquan Circle and 18th Ave. in Belmar. And I wonder if the rumors true that the 'old' Shop Rite will be turned into a Dearborn Farms now that Saker Shop Rite owns Dearborn. And will the liquor store attached to the old Shop Rite be transferred across the street to the new location?

Many have suggested that a Chick-fil-A would be a great addition to the spot that once held the beloved Circus Drive-in restaurant that we all loved so much, which is now just a bulldozed site sitting empty.

But I already see a new traffic nightmare once the new Shop Rite opens at the same intersection (Rt. 35 and 18th Ave.) as the new Target that is set to take the place of the old K-Mart on the other side of the highway.

It is exciting to have Wall turn into such a exciting shopping location, but it is seriously dangerous to get across the highway at spots, and I wonder if soon we will have to see two lanes in each direction and jug handles instead of a suicide lane down the middle.

Tell us your thoughts on the Wall area along Rt. 35 between Belmar and the Manasquan Circle!

And for info on the new Chick-fil-A going up in Hazlet, CLICK HERE!

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