It's the little things like this that thrill me!

Grocery shopping is never much fun...but THIS just spiffed things up for me!

The Acme on Rt. 35 in Wall Township is now the proud host of a brand new Starbucks inside near the produce section of the store.

And it's not just a quickie 'bar', but a full, sit-down Starbucks lounge and full-service coffee shop!

(photo by liz jeressi)
(photo by liz jeressi)

After spending years fighting the long lines at the closest other Starbucks in Sea Girt, this is a great little gift!

And, since I am already in shopping mode when I enter the grocery store, I am MUCH more likely to pick up a beautiful coffee mug from the Starbucks while shopping!

Also, it is even more likely that I can get my boys to come grocery shopping with me now, if it means a treat from the coffee shop!

Maybe this was done as just one more way to compete with the Whole Foods next door. But, whatever the reason, I am psyched!


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