It's hatched! Here's the wonderful story:

"Chick 19A", as it's lovingly being called until the gender is determined, hatched on January 22nd, and its parents are Betty and Onyx -- who have been in our studio and are awesome penguin-friends of ours, lol!

The newest addition to the Aquarium is very bright-eyed and curious and beginning to be pretty independent.

Nicole Ginsberg of Jenkinson's Aquarium, who takes the very best care of the penguin population there, says the baby is still currently with mom and dad but they plan on moving the chick up to the nursery in the next few days to monitor its progress and begin teaching it how to be an ambassador for its species, like the rest of the colony :)

The baby has a whole bunch of family members in the penguin exhibit at Jenk's. In addition to older brother Kai who just turned 1-year old, there is grandma Dassen, great-grandmother Checkers, and great-great-grandpa Jonesy. And the new chick's OTHER grandma also happens to be the oldest penguin at Jenk's and her name is Jewel and she is 33-years old!

The Aquarium handlers expect to find out the chick's gender within a month through a blood test, and then it will be off exhibit until its about 3-months old and has its swimming feathers in.

Congratulations on your new addition, Jenk's! I know how much love the staff has for ALL of the animals there...but a new baby chick really just makes for an extra warm and fuzzy environment and I can't wait to come visit the newborn!!!

Stay tuned to find out when the little one will be on display, but meanwhile thanks so much, Jenk's, for the photos!

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