If you're planning on hitting it big with the latest Mega Millions jackpot of $240 million, it turns out you may be living in the wrong corner of the world.

Jersey Shore residents find ourselves living in, well, New Jersey, and that means we are stuck in a state that has average luck at best. That's according to a recently published study at BestLife that ranks us as the 26th luckiest state in America.

There we are, right in the middle of the pack. That's not good news if you already had that mansion on the water picked out or that European getaway booked in your mind.So we need to dig deeper.

It turns out some digging might make us feel better about our luck. Early last year USA Today ranked the Garden State as the 18th luckiest when it comes to Powerball, and we are the third highest Mega Millions winning state in the nation. That's a lot better.

And our luck seems to be getting better on this luck topic as we research. Zippia actually ranks New Jersey as the third luckiest state in America, matching our Mega Millions ranking.

And Far & Wide says we are the 8th most lucky state in America. Hey, it's getting more and more wonderful to be living at the Jersey Shore.

So maybe a piece of that $240 million Mega Millions jackpot that goes off tonight might just be in our future after all. So don't abandon those mansion and getaway plans just yet. the may be just hours away!

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