You can really learn a lot about a state from its signature snack food. Buzzfeed went coast to coast to identify each state's "signature snack."

Many of their choices made complete sense. For Wisconsin, it's fried cheese curds. Idaho...french fries, duh! How about the great Garden State? I get where Buzzfeed was going with their selection, but I've never considered this food to be a "snack."

For us, it's salt water taffy. Buzzfeed said:

Sweet and sticky, this popular summertime snack originated in Atlantic City, New Jersey. They come in a variety of flavors and are still made by hand in various Jersey Shore candy shops.

Eh. I like salt water taffy, but the "signature snack" of New Jersey, I'm not buying it.

What about diner disco fries, or New Jersey bagels? Clearly, carbs are on the brain. Can we make pork roll, egg, and cheese a snack?

Do you agree with Buzzfeed and think salt water taffy is the state's "signature snack?" Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.



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