Recently we took your nominations to date Point listener Tash from Brick. She chose from among the four we introduced to her. But she didn't choose the guy that won the popular vote so now we're giving your top choice, Mike, a chance at being our 'Bachelor!'

Mike is 35 years old, 6' 4", and lives (on his own) in Asbury Park. He has a gorgeous view of the ocean, by the way.

He graduated from Rutgers with a major in IT, but somehow found himself in a career testing slot machines, online gaming, and sports betting systems, which he's been doing for 12 years. He loves his career because it enables him to be a large influence in the gaming industry. 

mike robbins race car

Mike says he can be outgoing, but also laid back and a great listener. Family and friends are very important to him. He has two nieces and a nephew who he absolutely adores. He also runs the social group on Facebook Young and Fun in Monmouth County. He loves the diversity it brings and the friends he's made through it.

Mike enjoys a variety of adventure and entertainment, from salsa dancing to skydiving, or just relaxing at a local restaurant or bar. He also enjoys the beach and boardwalk. He is spontaneous and loves to travel. He is open to experiencing almost anything or going anywhere as long as it's with good company. And he would love to have someone by his side to share in that.

Mike says,

"I'm looking for someone who is open with communication. I'm not one who is good with nuances and hints. If there is something on your mind, tell me. If I'm not listening, make me. I'll get there! I'm a straight shooter and I don't play games. I'm also looking for someone who is nurturing and caring. More specifically someone who is patient enough that she takes the time to understand who I am and how I express myself. I will do the same for her."

Mike says he would feel comfortable dating a woman between the ages of 25 and 45.

Photo courtesy of Mike R.
Photo courtesy of Mike R.

Mike's dad says this about his son,

As Mike's father I can vouch for him being a great, caring individual who has a heart of gold. He is an outstanding son,brother and his 2 nieces and nephew absolutely adore him. He also has a great job which he thoroughly enjoys."

If you know of someone who might be a good match for Mike and would be willing to do a short interview on the Lou & Liz show as part of our new 'Matchmaker Bachelor' segment, nominate her here!

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