Of course, it all started in late October, but I'm pretty sure most residents of the Jersey Shore are glad to put an end to November 2012, and hope for a fresher start in December.

We have endured, and watched our loved ones and friends endure, one of the most heartbreaking months in recent memory. The damage, the loss of items that can never be replaced, the loss of vehicles and homes, and the loss of the belief that it can never happen here, were just some of the thoughts that filled our minds in November.

Having said that, November did bing some major positives that we shouldn't disregard. I think we all are appreciating the truly important things after such trauma. Parents are hugging their kids a little tighter, families members are taking more time to appreciate each other, and neighbors are bonding like never before.

And total strangers are stopping their lives to help those in need. It's not just Jersey Shore residents, either. People from all over the country have arrived to give the Jersey Shore a helping hand.

We also now have put any differences aside and are focused on a singular goal...rebuilding the Shore and making it better than ever, and we will succeed! So a tough month ends, but a new month brings hope for our Jersey Shore.