There seem to be more and more of some of your favorite eateries popping up around the Jersey Shore!

BubbaKoo's Burrito's is one place has been really popular at the Jersey Shore for a while now, so it's great to see that they have taken over where the old laundromat was in the K-Mart shopping center in Wall Township on Rt. 35.

It feels like it popped up overnight -- they sure did set up shop quickly and have been open now for a couple of weeks at this new location.

Do you like this place as much as Chipotle, Finns, 10th Ave Burritos, and all of the other similar places where you can get burritos and tacos?

I find it interesting that they are located smack-dab next to another really popular spot: Meemom's. I wonder which the lunch crowd will choose? Also in the same strip mall is Atillio's Pizza, which is a real local favorite for Italian food!

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