I came across this photo from last year and just had to post it again. Do you know what Lou was doing here?

Yesterday on our morning show we were talking about all of the reasons that women love Blake Shelton....and were hard-pressed to come up with as many reasons for our very own Lou Russo, aside from the fact that he is very funny and still has his hair (lol.)

But, Ladies, I give you this photo. Lou Russo in all of his glory.

Oh, you say, that's a SHIRT and not his real abs?

Well then, we'll just stick with the fact that he is funny.

But I do get the biggest kick out of this photo, taken last year when he was in a dance competition to help raise money for the Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore and he ripped off his shirt for the 'big reveal.'

PS That's AnneMarie...Lou's dance instructor. She's a good sport, lol.

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