Reports are circulating that work will soon begin on rebuilding the Seaside boardwalk and the hope is that it will be open for business for Memorial Day weekend.  It makes me feel so good to see that Jersey spirit and I am rooting for it to happen about as hard as anyone can root for anything. But you have to it possible?

We've all seen the pictures and we've all shed our tears, and now we all roll up our sleeves to do what we can to help. But after seeing those pictures and witnessing some of it in person, the natural question is, is it possible that enough of that devastation can be reversed to actually open in 6 months?

The task is certainly monumental, and what a boost for all of us who love the Jersey Shore to see that kind of resolve. And there's no question, if anyone can do it, it's the Jersey Shore, but it's certainly a tall task. Nothing would make me happier and my fingers are crossed. Go New Jersey!!

What do you think?

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