Here's what I find ironic.

Every time I go to the gym at a time when it is crowded, I will see people driving around the lot multiple times just hoping for a closer parking spot to open up.

You're at the GYM, people! How about purposely parking far away and getting warmed up by actually doing a little walking on your way to, well, YOUR WORKOUT?! lol...

I guess it's just human nature to want the best parking spot...when it's raining, or in the cold, or when you're in a rush, or carrying little kids or shopping bags, or when you're very pregnant...or just having a bad day...

...What's your excuse for driving around a parking lot as many times as you have to in order to get a good/close spot?

I did see a really great 'save this spot' sign for wounded warriors at a grocery store yesterday. Now THAT is a good reason for someone to get to park up front!

And if you're missing the summer when it's impossible to find a spot at the beach...just wait until you have to fight to find a spot at the mall during the holiday season!

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