The Murray household has one dog named Atticus and one cat named Mustachio among the family. My god, I think both boys get better treatment than the king himself. My family and I are big animal lovers but, um, is there ever such a thing as too much? There very possibly is.

1. Their Own Personal Chef

While Mustachio is a tad pickier than Atticus, both animals are ensured to have my Mom's home cooked meals at least once per day. Her most notorious ritual is to cook Atticus scrambled eggs with cheese and then serve them to him at the kitchen counter! Do you know how many times I have been booted from my own seat?


2. Constant New Toys

Having a bad day? Here's a new ball! Did you not have a long enough walk? Here's a new stuffed animal! Are you sick of the laser you currently own? Here's a brand new one. You think I am exaggerating, don't you?(Not even a little bit) And don't even think of keeping your own toys all to yourself. Atticus or Mustachio normally end up taking full ownership. But it is the most fun thing to give both boys a brand new toy because they get beyond excited as if we were giving them gold.

3. Countless Photos

Every family member may be guilty of this fault but there are more photos of Atticus and Mustachio in our phones than of each other. Our kids are home visiting? That's cool. But OH MY GOD MUSTACHIO IS CUDDLED UP SLEEPING, LET'S GET A PICTURE. I'm guilty of this. I cannot even lie.

4. Daily Adventures

Both Atticus and Mustachio are not content with just hanging out indoors all day long. The two of them are constantly begging to go outside, even during snow storms, but are given curfews! (Yes, my pets have curfews) But here is where it gets so beyond extra that it is hilarious. Whenever Atticus finishes going on his walk (W-A-L-K if he is around because he has learned the word), he refuses to go inside until he is given a nice lengthy car ride so he can set his eyes on the neighborhood. Typical, I know.


Mustachio will bounce around who he sleeps with while Atticus consistently sleeps with my parents. But no matter which pet and which bed, they get the majority of the space. I have woken up with Mustachio taking up my ENTIRE pillow and have walked into my parents room with Atticus comfortably sprawled between both parents with each taking maybe a foot of the bed on each end. And then after it all, they don't even have to make the bed.

6. We Are Obsessed

Now, as much as they are spoiled, my family and I are very much the ones that spoil them. We have left our beach trips early so the boys would not be left alone for too long and now can't even go out for more than a few hours without asking, "What do you think the boys are doing?" We are the culprits, and we own every second of it.

Have any weird habits with your pets? Definitely let me know so I know I am far from the only one in the pet-obsessed boat.

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