Are you up for the Polar Plunge? Listen, if I can plunge in minus 10 degrees in a Minnesota lake during the winter...then we can certainly do a 40 degree plunge at the Jersey Shore!

The Polar Plunge in Seaside Heights is going to be an awesome time and if you're worried about the cold, don't.  Just to share, I survived that -10 degree cannonball I did in MN and we will get no where near that cold here!

People ask me what it felt like to be that cold and it had a very specific feeling. For me, it took the air out of my lungs for a second or was actually breathtaking...then, because I was in sub zero temperatures, I had to jump into a hot tub right after. I can tell you that I sat in the water for about 9 or 10 minutes before I even knew that water was hot. Your brain simply does not register the environment shift until you get your body temperature up.  It was so weird!  BUT I have to tell you I felt AH-MAY-ZING for the rest of the day. It did something really good for me, I can't really explain it. I felt relaxed and my skin was tingling in the best way for the whole day.  You can get the same magic result with way higher temps than I had!

The Seaside Heights Polar Bear Plunge has sign ups underway now!  There's a big goal to meet this year for Special Olympics...their goal is $1,800,000 and to this point they are at about 86K. There are a few ways you can get in on the fun:

“Early” Bear ($100 minimum): September – December 31

“Now I’m Ready” Bear ($110 minimum): January 1 – January 31

“Better Late Than Never” Bear ($120 minimum): February 1 – February 19

“Almost Missed it” Bear ($125 minimum): February 20 – February 26

If you're chicken you can donate without the plunge here OR you can do a virtual plunge!  How cool is that?   Here are the virtual options...take videos of yourself using:

Bucket of ice water

Super soakers

Water balloons

Sprinkler run

Kiddie pool/Swimming pool

Ice bath

Water hose spray

I say go allllll in!  It is pretty incredible how good you will feel both emotionally and physically all day long after such an event!  There is something about soaking in those ice cold temps that makes your skin feel tingly and alive all day. Don't believe me?  There is actually an ice cold water plunge in lots of spas and resorts for that very reason!

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