So, you think our recent Garden State weather has been pretty extreme? Well, although you're not wrong, it is certainly not even close to the most extreme ever.

It's pretty appropriate that we are writing this on a morning which is just days away from 'springing ahead" and yet we are dealing with single digit wind chills and temperatures that won't break the freezing mark today.

And we will have our rollercoaster temperatures this week, with today's high under 30 and an expected high of 52 by Sunday. But that's not extreme. You want to hear about extreme New Jersey weather?

We went back in Garden State history to get to the real extreme weather and we found some at Stacker. Let these Garden State numbers sink in, and yes, they all actually happened.

Highest temperature ever recorded in New Jersey. How about 110 degrees Fahrenheit? Yes, it's true and it was recorded on July 10th,1936 in Runyon.

Coldest temperature ever recorded in New Jersey. This makes today seem like a heatwave. It actually got down to -34 degrees Fahrenheit in the Garden State on January 5, 1904 in River Vale, and that was the temperature, not the wind chill.

Highest amount of snowfall in a 24 hour period. We got blanketed with 32 inches of snow in 24 hours in Rutherford on December, 14, 1915.

So, next time you start to think the weather we're dealing with is extreme, compare the conditions that day to some of these numbers.That might make you feel a little better. Maybe.

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