While New Jersey enjoys a few days without our legenda humidity, Death Valley could be setting a record for the highest temperature ever recorded on Earth.

There has always been a  bit of controversy about the highest temperature ever recorded, and recently, the Guinness Book of World Records has settled on 134 degrees as the mark, which was set on July 10, 1913 at Greenland Ranch in Death Valley, California.

That record is not without controversy, as many meteorologist question it's validity and consider the real record to have been set in Death Valley on June 20th of 2013, when the mercury reached 129.2 degrees.

Either way, Death Valley has been threatening the record all week, with temperatures between 120 and 128, with night time lows not getting below 100 degrees the past two nights.

So, how hot have we ever gotten here in the Garden State? The number will probably surprise you, and so might the location. We checked the record books and here is the hottest it's ever gotten in New Jersey.

Records show the hottest temperature ever reached in the Garden State was back on July 10, 1936 when the thermometer read an unbelievable 110 degrees in the Runyon section of Old Bridge, and that was straight temperature, no adjustment for heat index there. The actual temperature was 110 degrees.

We know it gets hot and humid here in New Jersey. Could you imagine what that day felt like when you figure in the Garden State humidity? That could make you search for a 'for sale' sign.

Our Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow says it will get hot this weekend at the Jersey Shore, but we'll stay at least 16 degrees away from that record. We'll have temperatures that reach the 90's this weekend with temperatures in the low 90's on Sunday.

You can follow the latest Garden State weather with Dan Zarrow's blog 24/7/365.

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