A Jersey Shore town is getting some national attention for being underrated.

Recently, Asbury Park has been getting a lot of nice pub. First, AP was recognized for having one of the most underrated beaches. TIME magazine gave Asbury Park a nod as well.

Now another Monmouth County town is getting the spotlight for being underrated - Red Bank.

Lifestyle website Thrillist chose one town from each state that they considered to be underrated. For New Jersey, Red Bank topped their list.

Full disclosure, I really dislike the way this website stereotypes New Jersey by using terms like "Joisey" and associating us with hair gel, tanning oil and Jaeger and Red Bulls.

However, they got the vibe of Red Bank pretty spot on. They describe it as a "low-key small town with big-city cool."

Personally, I like the options in Red Bank. For such a small town, it's awesome that you can enjoy upscale dining, or hang at a dive bar. Usually, the two are within a couple of hundred feet from each other.

This article gave a shout out to:

The historic Count Basie Center for the Arts

Kevin Smith's comic book store Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen


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