We gave you a few solid clues and asked you to name a famous Monmouth County building. Were You able to do it?

Fist, let's recap the clues in case you missed it or just need a refresher...

Woolworth and New York Life. These two company names have a home in the building we're talking about.

National Historic Landmark. It was designated a National Historic Landmark by the United States Department of the Interior in 1985.

Shadow Lawn. This is probably the biggest giveaway of all the clues we've given, so we're not going to elaborate.

Clue #1 details...John A. McCall, the president of New York Life Insurance Co. and Hubert Templeton Parson, the president of Woolworth once lived there.

Clue #2 details...pretty self explanatory, and a dead giveaway if you Googled it.

Clue #3 details...That was once the name of this iconic building. Also a big giveaway with a good search engine, but we hope you tried on your own.

We hope you you put all, or at least some of these clues together and came up with the answer we were looking for, which was (insert drum roll here) Wilson Hall at Monmouth University.

There is so much more to learn about Wilson Hall and you can get a ton of great historical details on this really amazing structure by visiting the Monmouth University website.

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