This may be one of the coolest finds for New Jersey outdoor activities that I've come across in a long time!  There is a place where you can pedal down an abandoned, wooded New Jersey railway, on a bicycle made for two!

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If you're like me you are always looking for fun and unique things to do in New Jersey...especially outdoors.  This is one of the coolest finds so far...I'm talking about railbiking!  What is it? I know, I've never heard about it before either until I read about it here.  I can't wait to try this one!  Apparently, railbiking is a unique way to experience New Jersey’s railroad tracks and get some great exercise with your BFF or SO.
You sit in a special rail bike made for two and pedal along a stretch of railway in the forest! Of course, don't try this on any other railway, this is a special track set up for only this activity.

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Revolution Rail/Facebook
Revolution Rail/Facebook

Revolution Rail opened a new track in Cape May and it seems like a great destination activity!  It will break a sweat but is a pretty easy ride.  People of all ages can do it, even kids. It's safe enough for little ones to sit on your lap. The scenery will be breathtaking and you can enjoy it with one other partner or have a quad bike with 3 of your friends!

You do need a ticket so reserve your spot before heading out here.
Address: Revolution Rail Co., 609 Lafayette St, Cape May, NJ. Special thanks to or the original story!

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