Do I have something sweet for you.

We've told you a lot about where to get the best type of food at the Jersey: the best Mexican food, the best Italian restaurants, the juiciest burgers and even the freshest sushi.

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But I don't believe I have ever told you about a restaurant on a boat?

Well, I've found it.

According to, this food joint is called Sandbar Joe's and it sits on top of a, "refurbished pontoon boat," that brings the food to you on the water.

“When a lot of boaters come out, they have coolers and bring their own drinks,” said owner Joe Gratz, of North Wildwood according to “Everyone is looking for an easy snack, which is really our business model. How can we get out there quickly and serve people out in the water for lunch or early dinner?”

They cook all of the food in advance and then use marine-grade generators to keep the food warm, cold or room temperature.

They offer the outdoor classics including waters, hot dogs, tacos, sliders, chips, cookies and more.

“When I bought this boat, it was a typical pontoon – seats in the front, seats in the back,” Gratz said according to “We completely gutted it and did a full DIY to be able to do this.”

They are open Thursday to Monday from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Now here is where the problem lies.
As far as I know, Sandbar Joe's only cruises in Cape May County waters.
How about you guys switch things up and come to Monmouth and Ocean County? I was thinking you could start at Tices Shoal or the Shack!
If you are on board with me, head to their website and fill out a message asking for them to visit! Fingers crossed.
This idea is genius and I am just angry I didn't think of it first.
Check out more information on or
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