In my head, this is how it all went down. “OK, Larry, we’ve been over the plan a thousand times and when we do this, you're going to need to pick up the pace...the rest of you stick together, on three we make a break for it, one...two...three!” Seven sheep awaiting their fate at a New Jersey slaughterhouse said, "not today Satan" and left a New Jersey slaughterhouse so fast it was like they were on wheels.

Anything has to be better than where they were going. These seven free-thinkers decided that they wanted to fight for freedom, and somehow they got it. Can you imagine going about your morning commute and seeing seven sheep randomly running around Patterson, New Jersey?

Patterson until law enforcement was eventually able to capture the seven sheep. Apparently, it was no easy task. No one had the heart to send the fab seven back to the slaughterhouse. After becoming free, the sheep were no longer considered “livestock” and they will now be welcomed as permanent guests at Skylands Animal Sanctuary. I love a happy animal ending!

Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash
Photo by Sam Carter on Unsplash

Animal control and the police did an awesome job and admitted that they were hard to catch. After all, these guys were fighting for their life the last time they encountered people trying to put them in a corral. One of the sheep was trying to enter a Dunkin’ Donuts...I like your style kid.  I’m happy the slaughterhouse took the L and those seven dreamers will get to live out their days on a happy New Jersey farm as they deserve.

So if you feel like the world is closing in on you, just remember to keep fighting.  Watch the sweet story from ABC7 here:

Please consider donating to Skylands Animal Sanctuary here.

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