We were recently listed as the eighth rudest state when it comes to driving. Most Jersey drivers think we got robbed on that one.

The rankings were listed at brydenandsullivan.com and also listed the most common complaint and for New Jersey it's "cutting it too close". That basically means one of our signature moves, for lack of a better term is cutting people off.

But that's not the only move that was listed. The other move is a move that every New Jersey driver has seen at least one thousand times, and it's referred to as the Jersey Slide.

The Jersey Slide is the signature move we seem to have perfected around here of a driver putting their signal light on once and changing multiple lanes. Yep, that's the New Jersey Slide.

We've all seen in (and maybe even done it) but the fact of the matter is that neither of these moves are anything to be proud of. One thing that we could take some comfort in is the fact that 7 states are ruder than we are.

By the way they are (from 7th rudest to 1st rudest) Delaware, Vermont, Massachusetts, Wyoming, New York, D.C and Idaho. Yes Idaho is the rudest, and their biggest complaint is that drivers drive too slow, a problem we only have here in New Jersey in the left lane.

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