Do you remember when I told you about that new Smash City Rage Room coming to 1502 Route 37 in Toms River?

Well I have more news!

The new facility will give Jersey Shore residents and visitors the chance to come in and get that anger out by smashing things to pieces. We're talking about old televisions, lamps, shelves and basically anything that you can break when swinging a bat against it.

But where will all that garbage come from? Well, YOU!

The staff of Smash City Rage Room will come to your house or work and pick up anything that you want taken off your hands.

Just don't donate anything you are sentimentally attached to because I am sure you can figure out what it is going to be used for.

To reach out to the staff to arrange a garbage pick up, email them at or visit their Facebook Page and send them a message.

A lot of excitement is revolving around the opening of Smash City Rage Room in Toms River and it is so easy to see why. They have girls night out options AND couples fight nights.

This is going to be good....interesting for sure....but very, very good.

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