A brand new family roller coaster is on the way to Point Pleasant Beach!

This new ride, called "Tidal Wave," (beach and surf themed!) and the folks at Jenkinson's Boardwalk say it will hold 20 people at a time and spins for about 2-minutes each ride at a top speed of approximately 20 mph!

It's about 20 feet high and will take the place of Flitzer, which was part of the Jenkinson's Amusement Park for over 20 years.

Unfortunately, due to increasing manufacturing and operating costs, Jenkinson's decided to replace Flitzer with the new, family spinning roller coaster but are sad to see the Flitzer go.

Ride tickets as a Christmas gift? Yes, please! Their holiday ticket sale is going on RIGHT NOW!

People that saw the truck on Rt. 25 and then pulling up to the boardwalk were so excited! Here's a peak of what it will look like...

(Photo courtesy of Jenkinson's)
(Photo courtesy of Jenkinson's)


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