Come join us for the first of many Friday morning shows live from Asbury Park!

Starting this Friday, and for each Friday morning throughout the summer, you are invited to stop by our Asbury Park/NJNG Boardwalk Studio and watch us do our morning show live.

There is nothing better than seeing YOUR faces, whether you are going for a walk/run, pushing a stroller, watching the waves, grabbing a bench and a cup of coffee, or just stopping by before work to share a 'good morning' with us!

The parking is FREE before 9 am, so you can pull right up to the boardwalk (near Silverball Arcade/3rd Ave.) and right on over to our mobile studio on the boardwalk.

Pick up an autographed photo, share a laugh, perhaps even win a prize! Bring the kids, too, we'd love to meet them!


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