And he looks FANTASTIC!

Richie Sambora surprised the heck out of the lucky people who happened to be at Garden State Music on Hooper Ave. yesterday afternoon, including the owner of the music store, Lisa Kodan, who got a great photo with him! (Also in the photo are the store manager, Kate Merola, and a friend of Richie's.)

Our friend Don Fenimore, a teacher at Garden State Music who you will remember gave me singing lessons for my last single (LOL), tells us that Richie stopped in to pick up some musical gear for his nephews to teach them a little guitar (lucky kids!!!!!)

And guess what Richie bought for himself while he was in the store?

An accordian! I LOVE THAT!

Richie, you are looking really great and we love seeing your face right here in Ocean County! And for a guy who can get his instruments from anywhere in the world, thanks so much for supporting local business!

Richie, if you happen to read this blog, can you tell me whatever happened to your long-ago guitar maker from North Jersey, Rod Schoeffer? I lost touch with him and don't know how his life turned out. I used to hang out in his shop and watch him make some of your guitars. Great memories from a lifetime ago.

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