The Jersey Shore is full of long suffering Mets and Phillies fans, and it's also full of Yankees fans. That's why the results of our "Favorite Baseball Team" poll are so surprising.

We asked you to tell us which Major League baseball team is your favorite, and despite a banner year from the Mets, I fully expected the Yankees would be the easy winners and the Mets and Phils would battle for the second spot. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Here are the results of our poll according to your votes. The favorite Major League team for Jersey Shore baseball lovers as we start the 2016 season is the Mets, with 38% of the results. That's surprise #1.

Coming in second, the Philadelphia Phillies who got 33% of the votes and the biggest surprise of all was the Yankees, getting 29% of the vote, and winding up in third place in our poll.

Now, it's still early, after all spring training games just started this week, but anytime the Yankees don't wind up on the top of a list around here it definitely an upset.

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