Is Adele Taking a 5-Year Break From Music? [POLL]
Adele will grace the March cover of Vogue, but it's the article that has everyone talking. In it, she says in words I won't repeat here, that she's taking a 4-5 year break from music to focus on her relationship. But is she going back on those words now?
Have You Seen The Bamboozle Music Festival Lineup? [POLL]
This year's Bamboozle 3-Day Music Festival is going to be bigger than ever. It all happens on North Beach in Asbury Park May 18th-20th. Tickets go on sale Saturday morning at 10AM. There really is no other event where you will see all of these big names in one place...
A Website That Pairs Music Selections With Cocktails
The folks at feel that there's a drink to go with whatever music you're listening to. You simply plug in the artist of your choice and Drinkify suggests a beverage to match. Here are some results for some of your favorite Point artists! Tell us what drink you come up with.