When you work in radio, you meet a lot of random people, and acquire a lot of random things.

Like autographed things...from people you can't remember.

Years ago during a charity event we did, I bid on a few things in an auction. I wound up winning a pickguard autographed by Gavin DeGraw (I'm a big fan.)

It somehow got lost in the shuffle, and I never actually received it until someone around here was cleaning out their office this week and found it. I was surprised when I opened the package to discover not one, but TWO autographed pick guards.

I know which one Gavin signed...but I have NO IDEA who the other autograph is from...and neither does anyone else around here.

I'm fairly certain it is (or once was) an RCA records artist...and the first letter looks like an S. It's driving me nuts. Can you figure it out?

signed pickguard
Laurie Cataldo

I have an idea of who it might be from...and in response to lyrics from one of their songs: No, apparently I will NOT remember you.

Whose signature is that? Leave your guesses in the comment section below!

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