This beautiful 14-year old was hit by a car the night of Aug. 9th while riding her bike with some friends. Even more terrible than that....the driver continued to drive with with the girl on the hood of the car until she was flung off. The driver has now been caught. Emma Mae's life changed in a heartbeat, in one nightmarish instant. She was riding her bike home with two friends. Now she is in the ICU with severe injuries. Officials say she was hit by a black sedan about 10:30 pm on Thursday as she rode her bike across Rt. 88 at Sunset Ave.

The impact sent her onto the windshield and then she rolled onto the hood. The driver kept going. Emma was then flung off the car, which continued on Rt. 88 toward Brick. One of Emma's friends who was riding with her was able to pull Emma out of the road so that she wasn't hit again by another car in the street, and call for help.

Emma was taken to Jersey Shore University Medical Center and is listed in critical condition.

Her mother says Emma has a skull fracture and blood on the brain. She has lacerations on her arms. A second CT scan was done on Aug. 10th which showed more bleeding on the brain. The doctors are continuing to administer neurological exams. They say she is not out of the woods yet.

A family friend describes Emma as a beautiful, happy, friendly girl with a great sense of humor who makes everyone laugh. She is entering her Freshman year of high school in Point Pleasant this September and is an amazingly talented all-star cheerleader.

Emma's mom is a hard-working, single mom that lives for her daughter and goes above and beyond for her child. Now family friends have come together to try and raise money to help with all of the expenses from this horrible accident.

Any amount is appreciated. CLICK HERE if you can help. There will also be bracelets sold. They will be her favorite color and say "Pray for Emma Mae."

Now 26-year old Brittany Keifer of Point Pleasant has been arrested in connection with the investigation and charged with fourth-degree assault by auto, third-degree leaving the scene of an accident with serious bodily injury, plus other offenses, and released on a complaint summons. Police say the car was at her house under a tarp on her property. They impounded that vehicle and several hours later were able to locate the driver. She and her attorney appeared at police headquarters later that night.

Police continue to request any info about the motor vehicle crash from potential witnesses. Please contact Detective Joe Hynes at 732-892-0060. Or, if you would like to remain anonymous, you can call the Point Pleasant Police Tips Line at the same number. Just ask to be connected to the TIPS line to leave an anonymous message/submit info.



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