Devastation is all around us. The work is far from done. But the monumental effort of those who have gotten us this far should not go unnoticed.

I know this wasn't exactly the Memorial Day weekend we were hoping for. The weather was terrible for a good part of the weekend and in the back of our minds, the continuing pain so many of our neighbors are still going through will put a damper on every moment of this summer.
Having said that, the hard and persistent work of so many good-hearted people along the Jersey Shore to bring us as far as we've gotten is pretty amazing. The fact that a mere 7 months after the devastation of Sandy, many areas of the Shore have been brought back to life, is unbelievable.
So I wanted to take a minute to thank all those who helped get us this far, and I wanted to let those who are still battling know they are constantly on our minds.

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