It’s BBQ season! So, what are the rules when receiving an invite? Did you even think there were rules? Well there are some unwritten rules that I am officially writing now so you can arrive and not be “That Guest” that everyone talks about when you leave. Trust me, that WILL happen.


Here are the 10 Commandments of BBQ’s

  1. Do respond to the invite by the RSVP date with the number of guests you will be bringing. There is nothing worse than the host not having enough food for everyone.
  2. Do bring something. Not sure what to bring? You can never go wrong with Ice, desserts, any alcoholic beverages you may be drinking, and if your family consists of more than 4 people you should definitely bring some type of side dish or entrée.
  3. Do pay attention to your children! There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy yourself at a BBQ with children that run wild while the parents are getting sloshed. Even worse, your child getting hurt in or around a pool. Be responsible for your children! Bring your child to the bathroom. Children do like to get into things, so better safe than sorry. Make sure they are dry before going inside.
  4. Make sure to feed your children. Do not expect someone else to do your job.
  5. Do not eat like it is your last meal on death row. There are other people that would like to enjoy the food too.
  6.  Do use the trash can and recycling bins appropriately. If you see the trash is overflowing, inform the host.
  7. Monitor your alcohol intake. Drink Responsibly. Don’t be that drunken train wreck that stumbles around bumping into things and scaring little children. That’s never a good look.
  8. Do not ask the host to take food home. Not only is it rude, but you never know who will be showing up later and will want to eat. If the hosts have any leftovers let them offer it to you.
  9. Do mingle with other guests. It’s a BBQ, have some fun! You deserve a good time as much as anyone else!
  10. Do thank the hosts and say goodbye upon your departure.


Follow these rules and you will be guaranteed an invite the next time around! HAPPY SUMMER!!

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