There's something about eating food made in a truck that makes it taste extra good...and it's hard enough to find food trucks at all at the Jersey Shore, let alone 20 of them all in one place!

Enter the Fast Tracks and Food Trucks Festival, coming up this weekend at Great Adventure -- a can't-miss event!

Laurie Cataldo

All the food trucks at this weekend's event will be cookin' up something special, but there are a few that hold a special place in my heart (and my stomach!) that I try to keep an eye out for when they roll through Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

  • The Empanada Guy

    'The Empanada Guy' is one of my very favorite food trucks, because I have never tried something from them I didn't absolutely LOVE. Try the chorizo or lobster empanada, rice and beans, and if they have it, the apple cinnamon empanada for dessert!

  • Oink and Moo BBQ

    When it comes to BBQ, you gotta check out the stuff coming from Oink and Moo! I'm all about their baby back ribs and either the brisket or pulled pork sliders -- and don't miss the side of cornbread!

  • Tot Cart

    Gourmet Tator Tots. What more do you need to know?? If they have one of the specials like Loaded Tots or Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Tots, then go with those, otherwise the G-Parm tots are my fave!

  • Waffle de Lys

    Oh Waffle de Lys, how I love you so! Fresh, made-to-order Belgian Waffles with an insane amount of both sweet AND savory toppings! I love the savory potato cheese waffle with prosciutto, parmesan, and melon or BBQ pulled pork. When it comes to the sweet waffles, you can't beat Nutella or Speculoos (cookie butter) with fresh bananas! So gooood!!

  • The Cow and the Curd*

    Okay, so full disclosure: The Cow and the Curd can't make it to Fast Tracks and Food Trucks this year, but they were one of my favorites from last year's event, so if you ever see them out and about, TRY THEM!!