It has been years since I saw THIS in my neighborhood!

With all of our modern technology, how cool is it to hearken back to the simpler days...when the song from the ice cream truck rolling by caused you to stop what you were doing and run outside for a treat?

In all of the Jersey Shore locations/neighborhoods that I have lived in over the past 16 years since my kids were born (and there have been MANY addresses), I haven't once had an ice cream truck roll by my of course I had to run out and get a cone and a root beer float for the boys :)

Thanks for stopping by, Mr. Softee but can you please bring Good Humor Toasted Almond Bars next time? Thanks!

I figure if the ice cream truck is out....we are FINALLY getting closer to summer, and that is surely cause for celebration.

What do you wish could roll down the street carrying treats right to your door? A donut truck? A fresh fruit/veggie truck? Tell us!


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