Summer tourism season is nearly upon us and that means we need to prepare ourselves for everything that summer brings to the Jersey Shore.

And that means preparing for all the things we'll have to deal with when it comes to tourists taking over the Shore for a few months. In preparation for this time of year I have prepared a poem to help all the Jersey Shore residents cope.

I present to you the Summer Jersey Shore Poem of Patience...

Let them go 30 in the left lane,

Let them turn left on 36,

This year it won't make us insane,

We've seen all their tricks.

Let them load the Parkway

With traffic all the time,

It won't bug us this year,

We'll just take Route 9. 

Let them feed the seagulls

All the live long day,

Just ignore that aroma,

It's just too much hair spray.

Wear those socks with the flip flops

It won't bother us no more,

We appreciate the business 

When you come down to the Shore.

You come here for a week

And take over the beach and the bay,

But it's ok with us,

'Cause here comes Labor Day

Don't worry if I was on line first,

I won't even bat my eyes,

You got ahead of me,

Your daughter needs french fries.

So bring on summer '17,

And all our special friends

We're ready for every bit of it.

At the place where summer never ends.

I hope that helps!

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