If you're just getting used to the fact that fall is here, and you feel like you've just sipped your first pumpkin spice coffee, the Jersey Shore's first freeze may be  the last thing on your mind.

But, before you know it, that first freeze will be upon us, at least if past history is any indication. Based on our past first freezes of the season, weather.com has determined that our first freeze at the Jersey Shore will be November 1st.

Now, November 1st isn't a specific prediction, it's just an average of the first freezes in our area over the years, but it is a 'chilling' reminder (I couldn't resist) that the grind of a Jersey Shore winter is closer than we think.

While we're talking about it, let's get some winter statistics for the Jersey Shore. The average snowfall for Monmouth County is 26 inches and the average is 12 inches, according to bestplaces.com.

Here's the bad news for those who don't love the cold. Based on the averages, our first freeze is only 35 days away. And winter starts in 85 days.

But here's something summer lovers will look forward to. You'll be drinking a margarita and munching on the first burger of Memorial Day weekend under the warm sun in only 239 days.

That didn't make me feel that much better, either. Sorry about that.

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