We have all endured an embarrassing moment that will stay with us the rest of our lives. So what's the most likely source of that embarrassment?

According to you, the top reason for embarrassment at the Jersey Shore is because of our big mouths. Yep, 40% of you said your most embarrassing moment was something you said to someone else.

We also learned that words aren't the only thing you can't take back as bodily functions was a close second in the survey, getting 33%, and wardrobe malfunction came in third getting just over 13% of your votes.

Surprisingly, a photo you were in only got 7% of the vote, and in our "as soon  as the picture is taken, it's posted somewhere" world, that seems pretty low. That's just good friends knowing not to post anything without your approval, right?

Also mentioned in the poll. singing in public. I think this one gets a pass. If you're brave enough to sing in public, you should subtract the embarrassment and add points for courage. That is, of course unless you thought your singing was private and it turned out to be public. If that's the case, all bets are off.

Here are the results...