It cost $250 million to make, but all that money couldn't help it  beat 'The Lorax' this weekend. Disney's 'John Carter' brought  in $30.6 million, no match for 'The Lorax' and it's $39.1 million take in it's second week. 'Project X' fell to #3, and Eddie Murphy's 'A Thousand Words' was a disappointing sixth place with only $6.4 million.

While we're talking about movies, we have to mention 'Hunger Games' opening March 23rd. I'm going to be hosting a special exclusive Point midnight screening of 'Hunger Games' at Mega Movies Stadium 13 at East Brunswick Square Mall right on Route 18, and you have a chance to be there, plus you might be enjoying it from one of those amazing D Box seats I've been telling you about! Get all the details here

Don't miss your opportunity to make your movie experience better than ever at Mega Movies Stadium 13, just a few minutes from Marlboro, Manalapan and Freehold!

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