We all know the time is just about here. If you haven't made your first Christmas gift yet, you will be soon. Very soon.

Did you ever wonder what the most [popular Christmas gift in New Jersey is. The item that more people purchase this time of years than any other? The grand daddy of Garden State Christmas gifts.

I made three guesses, and I was absolutely wrong on each one of the guesses. Here are the items I thought it would be.

Gift Card. I am the kind of person who wants to buy a personal gift for the people on my list, so I tend to shy away from them. But almost everyone loves to get them and they are popular. But they are not the most purchased Christmas gift in New Jersey.

Electronics. Everyone loves the latest gadget, and we have so many techies here in New Jersey, so it would make sense if electronics topped this list. But, it's not electronics or gadgets, either.

Clothing/accessories. We are a fashion forward state here in New Jersey, an everyone loves to get clothes (except maybe the kids). But that doesn't top the list here in New Jersey either.

Toys. We mentioned kids above, so that must be it, right? Lots of kids and lots of toys in the Garden State. That has to be #1 right? Wrong.

So, what is it? What is the most purchased Christmas gift in New Jersey? It's the football jersey. Really? That's the # 1 New Jersey Christmas gift? Apparently so, at least according to an article at Reader's Digest. They even have a map.

Our three local teams (Giants, Jets, Eagles) have a combined record of 5-20-1, so this year we may just have a new most purchased Christmas item in the Garden State. Stay tuned!

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