A legendary New Jersey actor once made over $150,000 a word in one of his movie roles. Do you think you can name him?

It really sounds hard to believe. Can you imagine saying 'how was your day' and earning over $600,000? Well, a world famous actor who happens to be a New Jersey guy once made $166,101 a word for a movie role.

That legendary actor is Neptune's own Jack Nicholson, and the movie that made him all that money was 1989's Batman. Nicholson famously played the Joker to perfection in the late 80's flick.

24/7 Wall St noted that in that movie, Jack uttered a total of 585 words, and at $166,101 a word, he pulled in nearly $100 million. Nicholson only got $6 million salary for the role, but according to Dailystar, he had an agreement that included profit sharing for the movie and merchandising.

Since the movie brought in over $400 million, and made millions in merchandising, he walked away with about $100 million, or $166,101 a word. That's not just smart, that's Jersey smart!

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

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