Are you looking for 90 minutes away from the nonsense that these networks call politics?

If you’re looking for a movie about unlikely love, friendship and a guy who’s found himself making a good decision for himself and others, then carve an hour and a half from your schedule and check out The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Don’t let the name fool you. This as an absolutely adorable movie about a grieving brother (Shia LeBeouf) who doesn’t always make the right decisions faced with making the most important decision in his life.

Will he let Zak (Zack Gottsagen), a Downs Syndrome man who has escaped from a care home to live out his dream of becoming a pro wrestler like his hero the Salt Water Red Neck, into his heart?

You’ll watch these two form an amazing and inspiring bond and see some great acting by the two of them as well as by Dakota Johnson.

We saw it at Loews in Brick and loved every minute of this heartwarming story ( and I’m sure those plush reclining seats didn’t hurt). And this is definitely a movie worth seeing with a good storyline and a great message.

So if you’re a little sick and tired of the real-life back and forth nonsense that politics and the ‘real world’ offer each and every day, take a little while to watch something that’s actually important, and find out what the Peanut Butter Falcon is all about. This movie lets the heart, not the mouth do the work for you.

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