Well, it's that time of year again. It's time to pick your personal improvement promise...better known as your New Year's resolution for 2016.

Once again this year, weight loss tops the list and that is never a surprise. If that's yours, good luck. That's a healthy way to start the new year. Today we thought we'd go a little deeper into the list to some good resolutions you may not have considered according to everythinglists.com.

Starting a diary. It's simple and it's fun, plus it doesn't involve a scale and piles of lettuce. Plus, just think how interesting it will be to go through it a few years from now.

Reading a book. Isn't it always true that there's never enough time to just sit and read a good book. It's so relaxing and yet we always seem to squeeze it out of our schedule. Well, not this year, right?

Donating. This is something Jersey Shore residents are very good at, but it's a good reminder to be as generous in the new year as we were in the past year.

Of course also making the list are important resolutions like, quitting smoking, saving more money and getting more exercise. Whichever you choose, good luck with it in the new year, and if you're feeling ambitious, maybe you can pick more than one this year.