Yep. I'm talking about the legendary Bernard Purdie, who was Aretha Franklin's drummer and a musician that has recorded with most of the world's most famous bands including the Beatles!

And Bernard has chosen to live here at the Jersey Shore even as he still tours the world.

My son Benjamin, as you have heard me talk about on our show for years, is a young drummer. And his biggest hero is the great Bernard Purdie.

One night Ben was asked to play with the incredible bass player Paul Reinhold at the recording studio of the also-famous and uber-talented musician/producer Steve Jankowski (who went to high school in Wall Township and still chooses to live here at the Jersey Shore when he's not on tour).

Ben saw Bernard Purdie's book on a shelf at the recording studio (Bernard has recorded there many times) and was so excited to talk about how much he loves Bernard. So Steve offered to arrange an introduction, and ever since then, Benj has been blessed to be mentored by the stupendous Bernard "Pretty" Purdie!

Bernard has given Ben some great advice both about the craft and the business, but here are some of the most impressive things about him:

Not only is Bernard still playing great music with amazing talent around the world.....but he does it with his well-known smile and style and is still in demand! He just got back from Australia and also toured Europe recently.

AND....he is so giving of his time and so generous to want to help upcoming teen and college-age musicians. Last month he did a week-long workshop in Chicago for some very lucky students.

On top of all that, he has released a new album and rumor has it he will be working on another one soon!

And as if that's not enough, he is one of the nicest human beings I have ever had the honor of meeting. Along with his beautiful and amazing wife Celia, talking to the two of them can only be described as being wrapped in a warm hug.

Bernard (and Celia!) -- Ben and I may arguably be your biggest fans.

CLICK HERE for more on Bernard Purdie, how to get his book and music, and where you might get lucky enough to see him play!

PS... A huge thank you to BethAnne Clayton, another incredible talent in NJ that will be the subject of a special blog VERY SOON!!!! BethAnne arranged the recording session that kicked off the chain of events that led Ben to meet Bernard Purdie. Love you, my friend.

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