Let's face it, shopping for groceries is painful.

I don't mean the process of going to the store and roaming up and down the aisles. One can easily avoid that by shopping at home or opting for delivery. I'm talking about the prices.

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How often are you checking out at the store with a big haul, and your total is over $100 with just the items off the top of your cart?

In New Jersey, we are definitely feeling the squeeze.

Everything is more expensive due to inflation, but random items at the grocery store are insanely high.


Have you bought mayonnaise lately? Omg!

I'm a Hellman's guy all the way and I'm one of those weird people that will put it on just about everything.

If I want to stick to the same brand, a regular jar is now up to nine dollars.

Drink Up
Keith Bell

How about soda?

I was walking down the soda aisle at Shoprite checking out the weekly sales, and the big deal was 2 for $15 12-packs. Huh? Maybe it's a good thing because soda of all kinds is bad for you.

We do need our veggies, though, and all produce is sky-high right now.

So is cereal. Your basic popular name-brand cereals can run as high as eight dollars a box.

There is some good news.

Certain grocery items in New Jersey actually went down in price last month.

Maybe this points to prices going in the right direction overall.

It's only a few items, but every little bit helps, right?

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